Leone SportsBar and Grill – 318 N. 2nd St. – $2 Burgers, BLTs, Hot Dogs and More

Leone is a very cool dive with good cheap food and friendly (but not fast) service.

After driving by a few times, we were lured into Leone by the sign advertising $2 specials.  I went with a few friends last week.  Four of us ate lunch for less than $20.  I was impressed.
The food was no-frills-necessary good.
For $2 you get 2 hot dogs with everything (onions, peppers, relish, mustard, ketchup) – These hot dogs were as good as any I’ve had in Richmond (although I have become a fan of the soy dogs at City Dog also).

The $2 BLT is on plain white toast, iceberg lettuce, very crispy bacon and just like my grandmother used to make.

Also on the $2 menus are hamburgers, salad, bologna burger (hmmm), and chicken wings.  How is it that I had never heard of this place before now?  I give it a 300 out of 318.