6004 W. Broad St. – Various Lunch Specials – includes soup and spring roll – $7.62

My first visit to Mekong was on Sunday.  I then went again on Tuesday.

During the week, there are a number of Lunch Specials for $7.62.  It is a good portion of food and it comes with soup (wonton, hot and sour etc.) and a spring roll (steamed or fried).

On Sunday, at the waitress’s recommendation, I had rice noodle salad.  I chose the fried tofu option.  The salad comes in a large bowl.  Vegetables fill the bottom of the bowl (lettuces, cilantro, sprouts, carrots and squash), the thick layer of cool rice noodles rice sits on top of the vegetables.  The meat, seafood or tofu goes on top of the noodles.  Crushed peanuts are sprinkled on top and all of that.  The salad comes with a custom dressing on the side.  This was a good meal for $6.95.  Good enough to make me go back on Tuesday for lunch with family and friends from the office.

The Tuesday lunch experience wasn’t as positive.  I ordered the appetizer sampler.  I was disappointed that all but the steamed spring-roll was deep fried in a way that made everything taste like the dish next to it.  The sampler cost $6.95.  I gave it 14 out of 21 points.

My wife enjoyed her food, but she did pull a long black hair out of her dish.  This wouldn’t keep me from going back – stuff happens – and my wife really did like the meal (they replaced it with a fresh hair-free version)

Two friends rated their meals between B- to D-.  eh.

I’ll be back to try one of the traditional lunch specials.