Sue’s Country Kitchen

I love Sue’s Country Kitchen.

This place is kind of ugly, very small, old/outdated and crazy cool.
The owner has owned and operated the restaurant for about 30 years.

There are $4, $5, and $6 lunches daily.

Today I had the spaghetti special for $6.59.  It comes with tossed salad, and thick slices of toasted italian bread.  The pasta has a thick meat sauce which would probably go better with small shells, elbows or elbows rather than spaghetti, but tastes perfect.  I also had a piece of home-made pineapple upside down cake.  The cake was $2.50 and very very (that’s 2 verys) good.

You can get your food to go, but I recommend being a local and hanging out while you eat.  This is the kind of place that makes you look cool because you know about it.

Sue is on 1213 Summitt St. (right off Broad St.) Richmond.