8 1/2 – The Meanest Pizza in Richmond

Lots of good foodies write about pizza in Richmond. I am a bad foodie. maybe I’m not a foodie at all. But I am picky about pizza. I am from the Northeast U.S. where pizza seems to be taken stupidly seriously. That makes me a pizza expert in my own mind. I like the pizza at “8 1/2” on Strawberry St.

8 1/2 has the best pizza inside the Richmond city limits. They do not, however, have the best service.  Why are they so un-friendly? (are they going to spit in my sauce now that I said that?).

The pizza is thin, crispy, flavorful and fresh-tasting.

One pizza is about $10. There’s only one size available and it feeds about 1.5 people. Please don’t trouble them by asking about other sizes. Judging by the face they make and the way that they point at the sign on the wall, they really hate that question.

The spaghetti with meat sauce is big and OK.  I gave it 16 1/2 out of 21 1/2 points. (It comes in a chinese food container. This is somehow way cooler when it’s not chinese food.)

The salads are good, but not big for the price. The calzones are very good, feed 1.5 people and cost $9.


1. Read and learn the menu on the wall. (thus avoiding the mean looks when you order)

2. Order pizza or calzone like you’re a veteran. (they don’t take kindly to strangers).

3. Walk across the street, down the little alley and into scuffletown park.

4. Eat