Bistro 27 – my own burger battle.

Bistro 27 is a very good restaurant.

The food is good and the atmosphere makes people feel more important than they really are. Good stuff.

I have eaten there a few times and I have always enjoyed my meal. The cheapest entree on the lunch menu is usually $9.

There is a Kobe / Wagyu beef burger on the menu for $12. Every time I see it on the menu, it taunts me. It says (in a British via Tokyo accent) “You’re not good enough for this burger. I cost $12.” (It then suggests that the Laker Girls “need to be taken down a notch” but I disregard that part of the torment.)

Today, I got the $12 freaky Japanese burger. I ordered it and decided that I would compare it to the cheaper alternatives in town. I’m ingenious like that. I ordered my food to-go.

The food was obviously high quality. I didn’t really have any complaints about it. Except that it cost $12. It came with a mix of sweet potato and regular fries. I didn’t enjoy it more than the burgers from Carytown Burger, Sam’s Burgers and Subs or Can Can. And I regretted not having time to sit in the restaurant to eat.
The moral of the story, to me, is that:
1. Burgers are best when they’re embraced as a good, cheap food.

2. Bistro 27 food is best enjoyed at Bistro 27.

3. Wagyu sounds like dirty anatomical slang.