Boyd’s Cafe – the good kind of ugly


Boyd’s is very much the kind of place that I love to try – small, unpretentious, unrefined and a little bit ugly. A twitter friend recommended it to me, and I was glad.

Unfortunately they were out of a few of my first choices from the menu, but there’s something non-traditionally cool about a place that says “you’ll like what we give you, even if it’s not what you wanted” (no one actually said that out loud).
I had a barbecue sandwich and macaroni and cheese. Both were heated in the microwave.
I did enjoy the barbecue sandwich on plain white toast with coleslaw on top, but neither of the things I ordered were very memorable by themselves. Taken all together, however, I very much enjoyed the experience. This is not a place for pretentious foodies. It is a place for people who collect good experiences and memories. The people here are nice and the ‘regulars’ might look at you funny before they say hi – that’s not a bad thing. They have regular customers.
I have to give the food a 23 out of 47 points, but I gave the whole experience a 39 out of 47.

Boyd’s Cafe is at 315 Cowardin Ave. Richmond, VA 23224