Citizen – Tortas for Whitey

 On a tip from @KSiddall, I went to lunch with my family to Citizen. It is not an easy place to find. I think they like it that way.

It’s a sandwich shop. Nothing on the menu costs more than $6. They get their bread from La Sabrosita bakery and they refer to their sandwiches as “Tortas”. In Mexico, a “Torta” is a torta because it is served on a specific type of roll. In some ways, these sandwiches are pretty close to Mexican street-food. (that’s a good thing). Even though these are clearly tortas devised for gringos, (I’ve never seen a street vendor in Mexico selling an eggplant torta) they are excellent.

I had the Eggplant Caponata with curried chick peas & basil for my torta ($5.50) and the roasted beets as my side (included in the price). I loved it. Great, fresh bread and ingredients that taste like they were put in there on purpose.

The egg and cheese slider is $2.75 and it’s the biggest “slider” I’ve ever seen.

My four year old son gave the egg slider one gazillion points.

My wife (A.K.A. the Mexican) gave the “Salami, Ham, Provolone with Tapenade” torta 36 out of 37 points.

Overall, the Citizen gets One gazillion three hundred ninety two million seven hundred and thirty six out of one gazillion three hundred ninety four million. It’s good food, cheap.

The Citizen is at 909 E. Main St. Lower Level.

Here’s the menu: