Ellwood’s Cafe


I just went to Ellwood’s Cafe for lunch because they have $1 off all lunch sandwiches on Mondays.  I always get that uneasy “dang, I’m the least cool guy in here” feeling when I’m at Ellwood’s.  Today, I did not have a trendy knit cap, cut-off Dickies or calf-tattoos.  I was the only one.

But, the food is mostly local and better-than-decent. My 7″ sandwich cost $4.99 after the $1 discount and it came with a little brown paper bag of potato chips.  This doesn’t make it the cheapest lunch around, but it’s still cheap good food.

I ordered “The Chesterfield” (even the sandwich names have the RVA-insider theme).

The Chesterfield: “Bell & Evans all natural marinated & grilled chicken with pickled vegetables, cucumber & fresh cilantro.”

The sandwich was good.  It could have used more “stuff” inside, but the stuff that it did have was good.  Pickled vegetables on a sandwich are a great idea.  It was a good buy and a good meal.

I gave it 4779 out of 5001 points.