Globehopper Coffeehouse – & How to Drink Coffee Like a Man

I live just a couple blocks from Globehopper. I happily walk right by Starbucks to get there.
I go to Globehopper for a few different reasons:
A. To do homework and drink coffee.
B. To have meetings and drink coffee.
C. To sit and read with my kids and drink coffee.
D. To hide out on the very cool back patio and drink coffee.

The food and furniture are good, the people are friendly and the internet is free.

Globehopper serves regular coffee from french presses. It’s strong. I like it when my coffee slaps me in the face and says “take it like a man!”.

How to Drink Coffee Like a Man
1. Channel Sam Elliot or Jeff Bridges.
2. Order it black
3. Walk by the cream and sugar station and grunt something like “sugar is for sissies”.
4. Drink it hot. Real men don’t get tongue burns.

Globehopper is in Shockoe Bottom on the corner of Main and 21st.