Joy Garden – the baddest Chinese food in Richmond?

I ate lunch at Joy Garden. It didn’t completely suck.

I drive by Joy Garden on Broad St. in downtown Richmond twice per day.  I have often said that it looks like a great bad-guys lair. If I were a cool bad-guy, I would hang out in a back booth at Joy Garden and plot sinister things. Doesn’t it look like a good mafia hangout?

I had sauteed string beans and Kung Pao chicken. Should Kung Pao be capitalized?

The string beans were good. They were spicy and I could easily eat them as a snack regularly.  The Kung Pao Shrimp was not good. If it tasted good, I might have been frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t find the shrimp. It was just very bland, soupy and boring. The string beans were about $4 – and that’s a pretty good deal. Overall I gave Joy Garden 11 out of 17 – but I’ll try it again another time.

Some sinister things I would plot from my booth at the bad-guy lair:

1. Bank robbery. Is there any cooler crime, really?

2. Insidious revolution in some poor country led by a bad dictator.

3. Declaring war on KFC.