La Casita – fake Mexicans?

Who cares that it’s not real Mexican food?

There are Christmas lights hanging everywhere inside this place. That counts for something. The friendly Russian woman who seemed to be in charge may have labored a little to pronounce “burrito” and the other items on the specials board. Awesome.

Finding new places to eat in Richmond is still exciting for me.  I’ve lived in the city for 2 years now and I have had the opportunity to eat at lots of restaurants here.  Some of them are good because they serve great tasting quality food despite very humble or unconventional appearances.  La Casita is one of those.   I am familiar with “authentic” Mexican food.  La Casita, by most measures, doesn’t serve that. They do, however, serve good food. You can get lunch here for under $7 and the specials change daily.

This “Burrito Michoacano” from La Casita on Brook Rd. for $6.95 gets an ‘A’.

This place looked too cool to pass up.