Mama’s Kitchen – Please don’t slap yer momma

A sign in the window of Mama’s Kitchen on W. Grace street (near the village cafe) for $4.99 lunch lured me in. I’m a Korean food amateur. I ordered Beef Bulgogi without knowing what it really was.  I just knew that it was $5.99 for the “small”.

There is no waitstaff here. Ordering and pickup is done at the front counter.

I was a little disappointed with the size of the portion of food for $5.99. I was not disappointed with the flavor and quality of the food. It was great. I’d eat here again to have this dish.  The beef strips have a sweet sauce that was so good it made me want to slap my momma. Lucky for her she lives far away.

The meal also comes with a small scoop of rice and a small serving of kim chi (Korean pickled spicy cabbage).

If you’re determined to eat lunch for $4.99 you’ll have to settle for the Ramen noodles. It’s the only item on the menu for that price.

Disclaimer: RVALunchSpecial neither condones, praises or finds humor in the gratuitous slapping of mothers.