Marty’s Grill

For some reason, I avoid restaurants in strip malls.  I always feel like they have no character.  I’m not sure Marty’s wins in the character category, but the food is good and some of it is cheap.

It’s in the Kroger plaza on Atlee Road in Mechanicsville.  Unfortunately, it’s big, antiseptically clean and new.
They have different lunch specials daily, but on Tuesdays they have 1/2 lb burgers with fries for $5.

There are lots of nightly events and specials listed on the menu too.

This grilled cheese club sandwich and fries was a good (100 out of 115) meal. I’d give the she-crab soup 90 out of 115.

For $10 this is also a very good meal, but I’d be much more likely to go back to try the $5 burger.