Mojo’s has $3 burgers, $5 sandwiches and $6 “all-inclusive budgeted lunch specials” until 3pm (like the 7″ cheese steak, pasta salad & a soda).  I had the $3 “budget burger”.  I was first assured that it was not made with a frozen burger.  And it was actually pretty good.  It comes w/ cheese, lettuce and tomato. I gave the burger 18 out of 21 points

I also had the 7″ cheese steak and pasta salad.  The cheese steak was better than all of the cheese steak sandwiches I have had in Philadelphia (including the ridiculously famous Pat’s and Geno’s).

All of the lunch plates come with pasta salad and a drink. You can”upgrade” to fries for an additional $1 or onion rings for $2. I agree with the”upgrade” terminology. The pasta salad wasn’t very good, but overall it’s a good meal for a good price.

They also sell cheap buckets of tots.  I ate too many tots.

Here’s a link to their specials menu:

The other specials include:
1. Bottomless House Salad with Soup
2. Flatbread Sandwich of the Day
3. Lunch Salad with Garlic Breadsticks

I always go to the Mojo’s on Cary St. by VCU, but they have another location in the west end.