Momotaro – I’m still hungry

I had lunch with some equally frugal (a.k.a. poor) friends at Momotaro. The food was o.k. But it was difficult to find a decent-sized lunch for under $10.

There is a $7.95 lunch special which includes soup, salad and a very small roll.
Since the lunch special looked like an exceptionally small amount of food, and I was very hungry, I ordered a tofu roll and a couple sushi pieces – made from a tiny omelet (there was a better name for it, but thats what it was). The omelet-thing was interesting, cold and sweet.
My order turned out to be just as small as the lunch special. I left hungry.
I imagine if I was willing to spend more, I’d have enjoyed my visit more than I did.
There was nothing particularly wrong with any of the food and the service was good.
There are much better deals to be had here at night.

I gave it 333 out of 444.