My Brother’s Pickled Pepper Recipe

1. Chop off stems leaving the base of the stem intact (so the top of the pepper is closed) and pierce the top and bottom once.

2. Dissolve rock salt in hour water.

3. Dissolve citric acid crystals (2-4 tablespoons). They take a while to dissolve.

4. Put peppers and solution in a very clean (sterilized), sealed container. I use a big glass jug.

5. Cover the container with a towel and leave it unrefrigerated for about 2 weeks.

6. Add enough vinegar to make it pickle juice (1-2 cups).

7. You can put garlic cloves and vinegar at any point in the process. Dill is optional

I usually use carrots and sometimes white cabbage. I keep spicy peppers separate from regular ones.