Nick’s Produce. A friend with benefits.

I go to Nick’s Produce at 400 W. Broad St. whenever budget, time or indecision prevent me from having something else for lunch. It’s my dependable “Plan B” lunch spot. That’s actually a compliment. It’s good enough to eat several times a week. It isn’t new or exotic. It doesn’t surprise or tease. It’s just really good.
Nick’s is an international market with a sandwich counter. The Sandwich Man is great. 30% of the attraction here is personality. 70% is everything else.

Tell Sandwich Man that you want a “tuna sandwich on rye, not toasted, all the way”. You probably won’t regret that. The other sandwiches are good too.

My office is just a couple blocks away, so I usually walk. That’s convenient because parking at Nick’s can be tough.

I eat lunch here for $5 or less. Nick’s isn’t a high-class friend, but it’s got benefits.