Pescados – brunch and 9 other things Richmond loves

Things Richmond Loves:
1. men in cut-off shorts
2. PBR
3. tater tots
4. calf tattoos
5. bad chinese food
6. neighborhoods with names
7. bicycles
8. vegetarians
9. people who pretend to be vegetarians
10. brunch

There’s no people so into brunch as Richmonders. I like that. Traditions and rituals add character. Richmond has identity.
Brunch for me, though, is for special occasions. I like pancakes at noon like anyone else, but why does it have to cost $15?
My father’s day brunch at Pescados was a lot better than pancakes at noon.

I had chocolate short ribs and goat cheese grits. The ribs were cooked perfectly and the grits were thick, creamy and excellent. I would have liked something to cut the chocolate and cheese greatness a little, but I probably could have ordered another side to do that.

My wife and kids all had chicken and waffles. They were a hit. My wife and daughter were both glad to see “Mexican Corn on the Cob” on the menu. In Mexico, corn on the cob is usually fast-food and is served with crumbled cheese, salt, lime, chili powder and cream. Pescados did it well.

There’s not a lot I don’t like about this restaurant. The service was terrific – friendly, relaxed. I would like to see some cheaper lunch options so I could afford to visit more often.

Pescados is on 626 China St.