Carytown Sushi

I like sushi.

I am a little picky about sushi. In part because I have this quiet fear that I’ll eat bad sushi someday and puke my brains out.

I ate at Carytown Sushi and I didn’t puke my brains out.  I enjoyed my food. Since I saw no Asian people working here, the restaurant apparently discards the East Coast myth that sushi is better if you can see Asian people.  (did you know that the vast majority of the Asian people working at sushi restaurants on the east coast are Chinese? Chinese people don’t eat sushi. As a rule, Chinese people hate the idea of raw fish.)

Carytown Sushi has a good lunch deal. $9.95 for 3 pieces of sushi (raw fish with rice), 3 pcs sashimi (just raw fish), 1 california roll, 1 bowl of miso soup & that “ginger salad” that no one ever eats.  It was a good amount of food for a very good price. I will definitely come back.

I gave it 19 out of 24 stars.