Belmont Food Shop

A sign in the window advertising chocolate truffles lured me and a couple friends into the Belmont Food Shop on Belmont St.  We spent the next 25 minutes or so listening to one of the owners talk about the food philosophy (there was a lot of philosophy) behind the restaurant.  The shop aims to make food the way it would have been made a long time ago.  There is, therefore, a local food focus.  Everything (or almost everything?) is sourced from within a couple hours of Richmond.  Even the flour for the bread comes from a local mill.

The shop makes everything in-house and takes pride in a deliberate, slow cooking process. They are more than willing to talk about it.

They only serve lunch-boxes here (what is it with Richmond and lunch-boxes?). It’s meant to be take-out only, but there is a small table inside.

I had a turkey sandwich lunch-box. It was very good. Unfortunately, making everything with local ingredients isn’t usually cheap. So a lunchbox (sandwich, side, truffle and drink) costs $12.

I gave my meal 500 out of 535 points. Worth trying if you can spend $12 on lunch today.

here’s the menu