Sam’s Burgers and Subs – feel free to lick your screen

I drove by Sam’s Burgers and Subs and knew I needed to stop. So I turned my car around, almost ran somebody over and went in. No one died.

Its a very small place.  There’s a little lunch counter with stools so you can watch no-nonsense Bill cooking handmade burgers and subs while you eat. I ordered a “Sam’s famous burger” and fries.  The fries were not memorable, but the burger was really good.  Together the burger and fries were $5.44.  I gave my meal 903.25 out of 985.75 points. The burger was juicy, fresh and not-dense. Excellent.

Bill told me that the place has been serving food for about 50 years, it’s been called Sam’s for about 15 years, and he’s owned it for about 11 years.  If I was conducting a tour of historic Richmond, this would be on my list of stops. But, I hate tours so I won’t conduct a tour of historic Richmond.