Sticky Rice

I got the “godzirra” at @Sticky_Rice_RVA and gave it a 301 out of 302 points.  I ordered it without mayo (since mayo is, in most cases, a horrible travesty). The combination of crispy, soft, salty and sweet gives the godzirra a very satisfying taste. A filling lunch here is always going to cost a little over $10, so it’s not on my “come back here often” list, but I’ll definitely be back. Sushi is half-price on Monday nights, so maybe that’s a good time to go?

I appreciate the status that this restaurant has in Richmond – but I have a hard time really understanding how it got to be so revered. The last time I came here (a couple months ago) the food wasn’t horrible, but a very bad smell at the bar reminded me of vomit & cheese wiz which prompted me to give it just 4 out of 10 points. I’ve never been here late at night and from what I know about this place, late night is the best time to be here. I’m also a trivia nerd and Sunday night is trivia-night, so maybe THAT’s a good time to go?