Thai Corner – Like your mom, only hotter

I never had a crush on any of my friends’ mothers. Moms always seemed old and ordinary to me when I was young-er. I usually think of American Thai food like I thought of other people’s moms – old, ordinary and not apppealing.

Thai Corner recently opened very near my office. I have been twice so far.

Today, I had the Nur Nam Tok (beef slices seasoned with ground roasted rice and other things) for $8.95. The crushed and roasted rice has a very distinct and strong flavor and texture. It was also spicy. I liked it. I dig being confronted with flavors that are not ordinary for American eaters. And, it takes cojones to serve food like that.

For me, Thai Corner is like your mom, only hotter and with balls.

I gave it 886 out of 895 points.

Lunches range from $6.95 to $10.95. For food with balls, that’s a good deal. And they deliver too.
Here’s the menu.

Thai Corner is at:
327 N. 2nd St.
Richmond, VA 23219