The Red Door Restaurant – & my secret identity revealed by The Marinara

Today I had lunch with “The Marinara” at “The Red Door Restaurant”.  Except for a seriously flawed fashion sense, he is a very good guy (e.g. he paid for lunch). We talked about international travel, blood pressure, food, Sunday Supper and blogs. We also had some relatively decent food.  Mr. Marinara and I have already known each other for a while now, but this week, through diligent investigative work, he discovered my “secret identity” as @RVALunchSpecial

The menu here is diverse.  You can have grilled cheese ($4.50), beef and macaroni (ummm), souvlaki, gyro, burgers, BBQ, nachos and more. I’d recommend the Greek options.

The Red Door makes their own dinner rolls every day – they were as big as my head and great when dipped in the restaurant’s own “Greek Italian” salad dressing (Mr. Marinara’s idea). But, the best part of the meal was the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves).  Our waitress assured me that they were made in-house (some people at our table doubted this assertion) – and they were great. The spanakopeta and gyro meat was good too.  

My “Greek Sampler” platter was $10 and it came with spanakopeta (spinach pie), 3 domales, 1/2 of a gyro pita and a side salad.

Mr. Marinara had a sensible salad with a side of plate envy. His blog really is worth looking at – and @themarinara on twitter.

Overall, I gave the Red Door Restaurant 3,100,000 out of 3,854,855