Secco Wine Bar. The best chicken sandwich in town?

pulled chicken sandwich

Did you know that you can get lunch at Secco Wine Bar for $7? (plus tax and tip. Don’t skimp on the tip, that’d be sucky of you. In fact, some of you should know that tipping less than 20% is bush league.) There are actually lots of lunch options here for $10 or less.

I had this pulled chicken sandwich and loved it. Everything about it was good. Writing this makes me want another one. I also can’t think of a better chicken sandwich that I’ve had in Richmond. In fact, I may exercise my obscenely vast influence and authority to officially dub this the best chicken sandwich in town.

The sandwich comes with fried chick-peas and mixed field greens. I ate all of it. I gave the meal 219,353 out of 219,354 points.

I’m a big deal.

Secco Wine Bar is at 2933 W. Cary St. in Carytown, Richmond, VA