The Top 4 Sins Committed by Restaurant Customers (How to Eat in a Restaurant)

Repent from these wicked ways:

1. Jackassing
Be nice. Spending money in a restaurant does not buy you license to treat people as products. “Please” and “Thank you” are also important.

2. Disrespecting the kitchen.
Avoid making special requests with your order. Menus are usually thought out as careful and creative expressions of what the chef would like you to taste. It’s not usually polite to try to create something different. Cook at home for that.

3. Not controling your children.
I have kids, too. I understand the difficulties of dining out with them. It’s not really O.K. to let your kids:
A. Roam the restaurant
B. Climb the furniture
C. Waste/destroy the condiments, menus and other things that cost money or leave messes.
D. “Entertain” the other restaurant guests.

4. Cheap-skating
It’s crappy to try to get more than what you pay for.
A. Expecting not to pay for a meal simply because you didn’t like it is stupid.
B. Tip 20%. It’s the standard. In the U.S., the tip is payment for a service it’s not just a nicety or compliment. Like it or not, that’s how the system works.