Uptown Market and Deli

Warning: This post breaks the “don’t review a restaurant too soon after they open because the #RVA food cabal will send neckless henchmen after you” rule.

Uptown Market and Deli has been open for just over two weeks.
@CaMeKeRVA suggested that the prices alone were enough to make it my kind of lunch spot. She was right. I have already included this restaurant on my list of spots to find lunch for $5 or less.

I had the “Homemade Meatball Grinder”. It was about 8 inches long and cost $5.95. It was very good. The meatballs had good flavor and texture and were satisfyingly messy. I gave it 14 out of 15.5 points.

My friend @josh_conrad had 1/2 of a “Smoked Ham Zep”. His assessment was:
“Well seasoned, too much mayo, decent ham”.
He gave it 38 out of 59 points, and he’s looking forward to trying more items here.

There are several lunch menu items for under $4. I love that. Some of those items include a PB&J, a deviled egg salad sandwich, and a pimento cheese sandwich.

Soon, they’ll be selling beer and wine, too.

The Uptown Market and Deli is at 2400 W. Main St.