6 Dishes for $4 and Under in Richmond – the best cheap stuff I’m eating lately

I sit on the outside of Richmond foodie orthodoxy. In part this is true because I brag about eating very inexpensive food.  Lately, I’ve needed my food to be extra-cheap. Here are the things I’ve been eating for lunch lately. They are all $4 or less.

Tarrant’s – $3 Fish Tacos

City Dogs – $1 Richmond Original Chili Dog on Mondays in the Slip/Tuesdays in the Fan

Nick’s Produce and International Market – $3.95 Egg Salad on Rye “all the way”.

Station 2 – the $4.00 Burger (because it’s available until 1am every day)

Catina – $3 Banh Mi sandwiches (I like the pork belly, but there are others)

Mama J’s – $2 Grilled Cheese and Chips (to go).