Tarrant’s – What to Order. A prioritized list.

My office is very close to Tarrant’s and I eat lunch there at least weekly. I very rarely spend more than $6 on food there, though.
Tarrant’s is at 1 W. Broad St. in downtown Richmond.

This is the stuff I get most often – in order of frequency. It’s good food. Most of it is cheap.

1. Fish Tacos – $3
These grilled Mahi Mahi tacos on a flour tortilla with corn salsa have become one of my favorite things to eat in Richmond and they are $3 on weekdays before 7pm.

2. House Made Potato Chips – $3
This is on the “Weekdays before 7pm” menu.
(I sometimes order a side of alcohol with them)

3. Mussels in Marinara -$6.50
Also on the special daytime menu. There’s a white wine sauce option that I’ve never tried, too.
(I sometimes order a side of pasta with this)

4. Hot Brown – $10.95
This is an open faced turkey sandwich which requires a post-lunch nap.

5. Fried Chicken and Waffle – $10.95
This is a great combination.