The Luncheonette – cheapest lunch in the Bottom?

The Luncheonette looks like the kind of place I enjoy. It’s a small restaurant with 17 seats.
The “Blue Plate Special” today is the Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich for $4. I like the price. I ordered one. It was very good.

The Katz Deli Dogs plate was $6.39 and it was very good (especially the onions).

The restaurant, at 104 N. 18th St., is open from 7am to 7pm and again from 11pm to 3am on weekends.

A Report Card
Coffee: B-
Katz Deli Dogs Plate: A
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich: A+
French Fries: B-
Atmosphere: A-



The owner, Carlos a.k.a “Carlito”, lives in New York. (5 point deduction for out-of-town-ness).